Launching an ico can be
complicated and time-consuming

Understanding the inner workings behind conducting an ICO can be daunting and difficult, leading to much precious time wasted because of improper planning.

Many dreamed of going to the moon: Anyone can have a great idea, but executing it is often the problem. From legal documentation to building the required technologies and attracting the right audiences, there are just too many factors to consider.

We have the experience and expertise to guide
you towards your best ico

With, our specialists will put you on an accelerated track to launch through a step-by-step process that ensures the path of least resistance. From business advisory through to personalized technological solutions and marketing strategies, we want to take you on a guided journey towards exploring the unfamiliar space of ICOs from concept, implementation, to launch.

Services We Offer

ICO Advisory

  • Business Planning
  • Planning of business direction and model, conducting of SWOT and competitor analysis
  • Project Management
  • Planning of ICO timeline, construction of legal framework and teams
  • Tokenomics Advisory
  • Advisory on token economics and token sale details such as utilisation, supply, distribution, and use of proceeds


  • Evaluation of token legal concepts, legal documents and landing page
  • Drafting of Legal Documents by External Legal Partner
  • Drafting of “Terms of Use,” “Privacy Policy,” etc
  • Introduction of relevant legal firms and drafting of necessary documents


  • Advisory
  • Provision of guidelines and content structuring for a professional whitepaper
  • Drafting
  • Creation of whitepaper drafts based on primary and secondary market research as well as professional whitepaper guidelines

Main Development Timeline for ICO Launch

These are the stages where we launch your singular idea into a world of cosmic possibilities. Our experience guides you from start to finish, ensuring that your ICO blasts towards mission success.

Our Projects

We deliver ICO services that cater to a diverse range of clients. Here are some of the few stars we’ve aligned:

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a subsidiary of the EU-regulated Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), envisages becoming a world-leading, institutional-grade token sale platform and digital assets exchange.

We provided GBX with strategic business advisory as well as key marketing and technological support from our Big Bang kit towards a successful RKT token sale, where their hard cap of 27 million USD was achieved, with their public sale selling out in 9 seconds. is powered by Cynopsis Solutions Pte. Ltd., a RegTech company founded and based in Singapore with over 450 existing clients. offers inclusive KYC solutions to cryptocurrency market participants enabled by fusing smart contracts with artificial intelligence technologies. worked closely with in providing critical advisory and technology services, assisting them in becoming the first approved listing on GBX’s token sale platform, the GBX Grid. The team went on to achieve a successful token sale that sold out all 30,000 ETH worth of tokens before their conclusion date.

The Carbon Grid Protocol is a network that serves as a decentralised and transparent ledger and between the carbon market and blockchain networks and DApps. Carbon Grid seeks to tackle issues in the carbon market such as lack of transparency and accessibility, and support other projects that are stepping up to combat climate change. worked closely with the Carbon Grid team in the listing process on the GBX Grid and provision of ICO services, drafting a high-quality whitepaper that meets the stringent requirements set by GBX. The token sale was a success, and reached their hard cap of 300,000,000 CGRID within an hour on the first day of their Early Access period.

  • SEDA

    Ferrox aims to tokenise the Asia-Pacific rental property market with its blockchain-based solutions, empowering all user touchpoints in a decentralised ecosystem. provided advisory, whitepaper drafting and website services.

  • Ledgit

    Ledgit uses consortium blockchain technology to establish a Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform for well-documented provenance in their respective chains to provide greater authenticity and protection.’s advisory furthered Ledgit's cause through the advocacy of transparency for posterity.

  • Invox Finance

    Invox Finance solves today’s business cash-flow issues with a decentralised P2P platform, connecting sellers, buyers and investors to ensure accessibility and low-interest financing. and Invox Finance are working together to bring small businss owners into the crypto-ecosystem.

  • QIQ

    QIQ aims to power a global transportation system through their electric vehicles, with tiered token-back ride schemes based on the amount of user utilization and participation.’s business model and whitepaper review helped to streamline overall user usage in the powering of their vehicle fleets.

  • Crowdvilla

    Crowdvilla provides crowd-owned holiday properties which can be utilized by all token holders. provided the necessary guidance to maximise crowdsale efforts into achieving a global property portfolio.

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The ICOMain.IO Team

Meet the team with a wealth of experience in the fintech innovation sphere, dedicated towards
connecting your ICO with a formula of success.

Executive Team
  • Don Guo
  • Executive Director, Founder
  • Kerry Gan
  • CEO, Co-Founder
  • Ted Quek
  • CTO, Co-Founder
  • Tobias Tan
  • CCO, Co-Founder
  • Ankush Kilam
  • Senior Cloud Specialist
  • Bhupesh Kathuria
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Zacharias G. Joseph
  • Product Manager
  • Karandeep Singh
  • Quality Assurance
  • Pantelis Michael
  • Head of Liquidity and
    Risk Management
  • Marios Oikonomides
  • General Manager
  • Nicos Zalistis
  • Head of Brokerage Operations
  • Michalis Eliades
  • Head of Dealing Operations
  • Timea Kovacs
  • Head of Back Office
  • Jeffrey Lee
  • Head of Campaign
  • April Lee
  • Head of Strategic
  • Marcus Tan
  • Head of Content
  • Estelle Lim
  • Assistant Marketing Manager
  • Wincy Chan
  • Senior Marketing Executive
  • Edmund Heer
  • Senior Marketing Executive
Advisory & Investor Relations
  • Kenneth Koh
  • ICO Advisor
  • Tess Kano
  • ICO Advisor
  • Nirav Gala
  • ICO Advisor
  • Jo Chan
  • Investor Relations Specialist
  • Felix Hoe
  • ICO Advisor